Sweet Inspiration – No. 2

I have big plans this weekend that involve soaking up every ounce of lazy summer days (on my couch in sweats) because word on the street (and by the street I mean the weather channel website and the halls of my office) is that Chicago is due for some nice rainy weather this weekend.

I’m hoping to make some ice cream (and if I do, I promise to share…I have big plans for it). In the meantime though, these are other recipes that have my attention.

Coco decided to join me while I was drafting, so enjoy this little cuddle pic


Have a delicious weekend!

Chocolate Panna Cotta with Spiced Pepita Brittle from Food and Wine– you might not know this about me, but I love chocolate. Only love doesn’t adequately describe it…crave, desire, become a raving lunatic if I can’t get me some chocolate when the need arises. So being the chocoholic that I am, obviously this recipe looks amazing! (Plus Spiced Pepita Brittle = insert that one gif of Emma Stone saying yum here)

Flourless Chocolate Cookies from Adventures in Cooking – I’m realizing that I must have a chocolate deficiency today, but I’m sorry? Chocolate and no flour? hmmm I must investigate.

Rhubarb-Raspberry Streusel Tart with Lavender Whipped Cream from Wit and Delight – This sounds like such a wonderful summer dessert. Perfect for a baby shower/wedding shower/event where people give gifts. I’m dying to know how that lavender whipped cream is, because I think it would be epic on Jeni’s Goat Cheese Cherry Ice Cream

Flaky Bread from Bon Appetit (and Glasserie) – is it just me or does this bread totally remind of naan, and then your mind goes to butter and how you just want garlic naan and indian right.this.second…no? me neither. But I definitely want this bread in my house so I can make up things to put on it just so I can eat it, but then it would be in my house…hmmm

Blood Orange Sangria from Domino – Because sangria solves lots of problems and it totally easy and perfect for when you have people coming over but only have random half drunk bottles of wine from girls night the night before (never happens…I like to call it “Day Punch”)

Also sorry for the mishap with publishing! Still trying to figure out how to work my ipad!