Who are Alice and Louise?

Who is Alice? 

Alice was my spunky, charming, Irish-Catholic grandmother who always had Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies in her cabinet and toffees and jellybeans on her counters. It was visits to Alice’s house that inspired childhood games of “restaurant” using the giant speakers as a hostess stand and various ottomans as low rise tables. To me, Alice is cookies and cinnamon buns.


Who is Louise?

Louise was my inspiring, worldly, Francophile grandmother who made french toast every morning we had a sleepover and was always up for a game of spite and malice when we were sick. It was Louise that taught me how to play backgammon, love of travel, and the art of making crepes. To me, Louise is buttery, flaky french pastry.


So then, if you aren’t Alice or Louise, who are you?

So glad you asked! I’m FoodieAnnie, a slightly food and wine obsessed chicagoan on a mission to soak up life, cuisine, and culture across the globe. Baking is one of my passions and cookies and brownies are my jam. Speaking of which, I also love jam. I love butter and love love love pastry. So that’s what you’ll find here: an assortment of sweets and mass quantities of butter. From time to time my adorable pup, Coco, or sweet husband, B, might pop up, along with our adventures and misadventures. Join me on what I’m anticipating will be a delicious journey.


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